• Return policy

    • what is the return?

      Is a returning product in its original condition within the specified time for that and after
      arriving at our warehouse and passing the quality check, the amount will be added to your Nejree credit automatically, note that the balance is not specified by a time, and you can use it
      to order the alternative size or model, or you can keep it for any future purchase.

      How to apply for a return?

      1. Sign in to Nejree app.

      2. Click on the Account icon. Then Return request.

      3. Fill out the return form

      4. Package the item (in its original packaging) securely.

      After the initial approval of the return request, you will receive a text message explaining the steps to be followed to complete the process.

      Once we receive your returned item and exceed the quality check, we will inspect it and process your refund. The amount due will be returned to your store credit account.

      For our customers outside KSA in the GCC, self-recovery is available, where an SMS message or email will be sent to you to clarify the recovery procedures to be followed.

      What are the terms of return?

      Returning products is approved in the following conditions:

      -If the product weren't partially or completely damaged, if its serial number, labels, or original cover weren't removed, or if any of its accessories weren't missing.

      -If the product wasn’t used or exposed to any damage or soiling.

      -If the product was restored in the same original condition it was received with, that
      includes putting the product inside its protecting original cardboard box and sealing it well before handing it over to the shipping company.

      -If the return request were applied within the allowed period of making a return which is (14 days).

      - The following products cannot be retrieved or replaced: underwear, socks, accessories, sports equipment, tools.

      How long do I have to make a return?

      A refund is only accepted within 14 days of receipt of the order.

      What does Nejree store credit mean?

      It is the balance added to the customer after completing the product retrieval process, and the customer can use it in future purchases, and it is not limited to a specific period.

      I would like to return the order and refund the payment, can I do so?

      -In the case of cash on delivery the amount will be returned to the balance of the customer's account in the Nejree's app automatically within 48 hours after arriving at warehouses and conducting and exceeding the quality check, and the added balance will be available for any future purchase and not specified in time.

      -In the case of electronic payment is returned as a balance for the customer's account in Nejree's app automatically and in case the customer wishes to refund. The process will take a maximum of 14 working days from the date of receipt of the request - (required to communicate with customer services to complete the electronic refund process).

      How much does the return process costs?

      - For our customers within the KSA, We charge 30 SAR for the return service.

      - For our customers outside the KSA, self-return is available. Knowing the value of the shipping process varies according to the desired shipping company.

      What time does it take to obtain my account's balance in Nejree?

      The customer obtains his balance within 48 hours. After we receive the product and it passes the quality check.

      How long does it take to return the amount to my bank account?

      It takes 14 working days, and it’s counted from the date of the request.

      Will the additional fees (payment fee on receipt - delivery fee) be refunded when I return the order?

      The surcharge is not refunded, but the value of the products is refunded only.

      Can I cancel my return request?

      Yes, you can by contacting our customer service team via email (support@nejree.com).

      The shipment has been delivered to the shipping company's branch in my area, how can I verify that you have received it?

      You can track your shipment via the shipment tracking number on the return air waybill (AWB).

      You received my shipment to be recovered from the shipping company, can you send it back to me? ▾

      We cannot resend them as they will be processed and added to your account balance so that you can re-order.

      If the product is used or partially damaged, can I retrieve it?

      Used or partially damaged products cannot be returned.

      What are the return terms for returning an order that I got with promotional offers like “buy one and get the second for free or buy one and get the other at a lower price”?

      To complete the return process, all the products that you get with the offer are required to be returned, in addition to the general terms of a return.

  • Requests inquiries

    • What is the maximum number of products that can be purchased per order?

      • Our customers within the KSA do not have a certain number with notice it may require completing the payment and paying online to process the order.

      •Our customers outside the KSA can buy only 4 products.

      How can I check my store credit amount?

      •Sign in via Nejree app

      •Go to account icon •You'll find the store credit amount at the top of the page.

      How do I take advantage of my store credit?

      •Sign in through Nejree app

      • Go to my cart.

      •At the payment stage, select to use your store credit and if there is an additional price difference, another payment method must be chosen to complete the payment process.

      •Complete the purchase.

      What is the size system used in Nejree platform?

      We follow the European size system. Keep in mind that sizes vary from brand to brand and model to model. We encourage you to check the size guide for the products.

      What do I do if I get a damaged product?

      This is often not possible, as our quality team examines all products before shipping them to customers, and in case you encounter this situation, communicate as soon as possible with our customer service team to serve you by calling: 92009750 or email (support@nejree.com)

      What do I do if I receive the wrong piece?

      We apologize for this, but please contact our customer service team by calling 920009750 or by email (support@nejree.com ) to take the needed action.

      The value of the invoice is different from what is shown on the site!

      Contact our customer service team by calling: 920009750 or email (support@nejree.com ) Measures will be taken to correct the invoice.

      Ordered using a gift card (free of charge) and the product was returned, will the gift card be returned to my Nejree account?

      - The full amount will be returned to your account in The Nejree valid for any future purchase.

      - If the customer wishes to return the amount to your bank account (by the terms of the policy) the amount paid by the customer will be returned only without the value of the gift card.

      You've had other cases?

      Call 920009750 Or by email- support@nejree.com

  • Gift Policy

    • What does it mean to receive a message containing a gift card?

      You are the lucky recipient of a Nejree Gift card, there is someone has sent you a prepaid gift card that you can use for any coming order from our platform.

      How to use a Gift Card?

      Sign into your account at Nejree app or if you do not have an account, create a new account, and then follow the following steps:

      1. Go to the Account icon

      2. Click on the add gift card

      3. enter the voucher code that you received via text message, then choose to apply.

      Once the gift voucher has been added to your account, the amount will be ready to use for your next order by selecting Store credit on the payment page.

      How long can I use the gift card code?

      The code for free gift cards will be active for 24 hours from receiving the text message, but there is no specific time for prepaid gift cards.

      For the free gift cards, the balance will expire after 24 hours of adding them. But there is no expiration time for the balance of the prepaid cards

      How long can I benefit from the free credit if I win it at any of Nejree activities?

      After adding the credit to your account, you can use the balance within 24 hours before it removes automatically.

      Can I transfer this balance to my bank account?

      Your Nejree balance cannot be transferred from the gift card to the bank account.

      What are the conditions for entitlement to gift cards from Nejree activities?

      1. Each user has the right to add one gift card to his account in Nejree

      2. Each user has the right to send gift cards to different people or according to the number announced by us.

      What happens if I break the terms?

      The excess of more than one gift card will be deleted from the customer's account balance in Nejree for violating the terms.

      Can I use my gift card credit during offers and discounts?

      Yes, of course! You can use your gift card credit to purchase any of the items from the website.Can I use my gift card credit with discount codes if available?

      Yes, you can use your balance and add the discount code if it is available.

      How do I know the balance available in my Nejree account?

      1. Sign into your account in Nejree app

      2. go to Account and you will see your store balance at the top of the page.

      Is the price of gift cards inclusive of VAT?

      It does not entail any tax and can be taxed when your balance is used in the future for any of the site's products.

      I have a previous store credit. Can I use it to buy a gift card?

      This is not possible. You can buy gift cards using electronic payment services only.

      I had a problem using my gift card!

      Feel free to contact our customer services team via Contact: 920009750 support@nejree.com