I forgot my account password. how I can reset a new one?

We can help you reset a new password by following these steps:
 Go to the "Account" section on our website or app.
Choose "Forgot password"
You will be moved to another page, enter your email and you will receive a mail to reset your password. 

How can I change the mobile number that registered on "Nejree" platform?

Follow these steps:
 Go to the “Account” page.
Choose "Account and Safety"
Click on "Change your mobile number"
Add your new mobile number and then choose Continue
You will receive an SMS message containing the confirmation number you have to put in the app and the phone number will be updated. 


Do you have a store/ shops that I can buy from them?

"Nejree" is an online store, we do not own any shops, but we offer fast delivery. Experience the pleasure of shopping with "Nejree".


Why do I have to confirm my phone number?

We require confirmation of the phone number, as after the customer creates his /her order, we send text messages so that the customer can confirm or cancel the order.
The delivery employee will also communicate with the customer through the phone number. So, that he will call or send a message to make sure of delivering the order.


How do I browse "Nejree" in English?

If you are browsing our platform through the official website from a computer, you can switch the language by clicking on the word "language" at the top of the browser and selecting the English language.
If you are browsing our platform through the application on a mobile device, you can switch the language by going to "Account" and then clicking on the word "English"


Can I order wholesale products for retail resale?

Unfortunately, we do not support wholesale, we will be happy to purchase any products for personal use. Moreover, we may cancel any order we believe is for resale.


How do I stop messages and promotional notifications?

You can contact your service provider and ask them for help.


I want to know the delivery date of my order?

The delivery date depends on the order scheduling, and the delivery employee will contact you to set the date